How to Trick or Treat Safely

For young children, trick or treating is extremely fun and one of the most exciting nights of the year!!! But without careful planning it can be very dangerous. Read our 10 safety tips for a fun filled evening!!!


Plan your routeplan

Think about where to go before setting off rather than just going with the flow. Make sure the route is well lit and the home owners are happy for you to knock on their door. If your child is old enough to go out on their own but young enough to get lost, a marked out route will keep them safe!!!





Wear comfy shoescomfy shoes

Most costumes come with specific shoes that the kids REALLY want to wear, make sure they are going to be comfy as you may be out trick or treating for an hour or more. Also, consider the weather as this may affect what shoes are needed.





Stay well litglow-stick

Now that the clocks have gone back, the daylight has usually gone by 4.30pm so make sure you are well lit. Take a torch with you or wear high vis vests or coats. You could also try to incorporate glow in the dark bracelets etc into costumes or ask the kids to wear their trainers that flash different colours.




Make sure their masks are comfortableface paint

Many masks don’t come with holes large enough for breathing so before buying or making them, make sure there are holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. If masks are uncomfortable consider using non-toxic face paints, they’re just as fun!






Use flexible propssword

Most Halloween costumes come with props, make sure they are safe as the kids will want to act out their character with each other, you or the owner of the house you are trick or treating.






Check what your child is eating

Make sure you keep an eye on what your child is being given as their Halloween sweets. Try to only accept foods that are already packaged. The picture below are illegal drugs NOT sweets!!!






Trick or treat in groupschildren

Whether you are trick or treating with the kids or not, make sure it’s done in groups. It’s always more fun with friends and remember safety in numbers!!!




Most importantly………have fun this weekend

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